Elephant Birthday Ice Cream Cake-Dairy Free with So Delicious.

Ice Cream Cake-Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Does anyone in your house love ice cream cakes? You know, the kind you can buy at Dairy Queen or Carvel. When you are following a dairy free diet, that is a very complicated request. I don’t know of a bakery that makes one. An Ice Cream Cake-Dairy Free, Gluten Free   This simple technique […]

Cheesy Grits with Ham and Rainbow Chard-Pantry Dinner

Organic Grits with Kerrygold Cheddar, ham and Rainbow Chard

Between seeing patients, writing, teaching and parenting, I’m busy. No busier than many of you, we all have our Busy Badges as a paleo friend says. Just the typical post work routine: running between appointments, striving to remember the details of carpools, sports schedules and due dates for assignments. Oh, and dinner.  There is always […]

Wedding of the Week-circa 1995 and my Vegan Gluten Free Carrot Cake Recipe

Vegan Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Recipe

Nineteen years ago today, we stood under a blooming willow branch, with a friend reading us the wedding ceremony we wrote, joyful in our love, happy that our worlds were joining, hoping for the future. Wedding Vows- Jean McFadden Layton and Edward Layton We made the decision to marry quickly. No, not for necessity, although […]

Mature Virgin at Disneyland

First time at Disneyland

Sun and palm trees, Birds of Paradise stretching for what seems like miles. Green plants that look a bit parched but happy. Did I mention the SUN? Traveling to the Natural Products Expo West for the 4th year in a row gives me a bit of perspective. Just a smidge, though.   I’m ready for […]

It’s So Fluffy! Nutrimill makes it so.


I’m as excited as Agnes in Despicable Me. Why you might ask? Nutrimill has sent me a flour mill! a piece of equipment I have had on my wish list for over 5 years. I’m so excited because now I can keep all my grains in whole form, preventing oxidation and staleness by milling just before […]