Frozen Chocolate Malt Ice Cream Pie Recipe-Gluten-Free

Gluten-Free Chocolate Malt Ice Cream Pie

Share this:Some of the images in this post are Amazon affiliate links, thanks for supporting the blog.  When I went gluten free way back in 2006 there were several things I mourned.BreadPizza crustMuffinsScones Croissants And Malts I’ve always loved malted milk, malt shakes, just about anything with that slightly bitter malt flavor.  When I was […]

Fresh Fruit Cake Recipe for a Hot Birthday-Melon Style

Birthday Fruit Cake-Melon Style

Share this:Out of our famiy of four, only my husband gets the joy of a summer time birthday. The rest of us are buried in the cold of December. Our annual birthday ritual is a tradition of long standing, each person gets to pick the cake they want, and the special meal for birthday dinner. […]