Fresh Fruit Cake Recipe for a Hot Birthday-Melon Style

Birthday Fruit Cake-Melon Style

Share this:Out of our famiy of four, only my husband gets the joy of a summer time birthday. The rest of us are buried in the cold of December. Our annual birthday ritual is a tradition of long standing, each person gets to pick the cake they want, and the special meal for birthday dinner. […]

Fresh Strawberry Crepe Cake-Gluten Free

Fresh Strawberry Crepe Cake Gluten-free

Share this:Even during the hottest time of the year, there are invitations to be had, parties to attend and people to celebrate.  Desserts are essential for the celebrations, at least they are around my house.  Not knock your socks off sugar fests, just sweet temptations full of fruit, a bit of protein, and lots of […]