When I write this blog, the recipient of the information is my focus.

I see the frustrated parents from my ROCK group, the ones with the kids who just pick at their food since it has always been a source of pain.

I try to answer questions from people who stop me with the words, “you’re the Gluten-Free Doctor, right? Can you tell me …?”

Most of all, I write this blog because I realized that I have a truly unique set of skills. My ability to speak about both the nutritional and the medical facets of this situation is my strength. After all, what other disease has as its healing solution, FOOD!

So, I am truly thrilled to find my blog included in this amazing list of the top 100 Pediatric Health Blogs by the Nursing Assistant Central blog

The list covers the gamut from Health and Wellness, Child Development and Mental Health, Specific Childhood Illnesses and Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Nutrition, Food Allergies, Vaccines, Dental Health, Childbirth and Breastfeeding to Podcasts and For or By Professionals.

Feel free to check it out and see if you can become more informed.
And realize that I am truly grateful that this blog does have its followers.

In Fact, I will open it up for questions:
Send in a response and I will create a list of the questions asked. As long as they are not specific to you but general in nature, I’ll use them as the subjects of posts for the future.

and yes, more recipes are on the way. I have been working quite a bit with my light mix. I was asked by my ROCK group for a simple mix like Bisquick that could create gluten free quick breads and such.
I created a lovely mix that is all healthy flours- brown rice, sorghum, millet, white bean, quinoa, and amaranth.
Now I am working on recipes using the mix as the key.
Soon, I’ll have them all perfected.
So keep tuned, or ask for what you are missing, I’ll try to create it.


  1. Kim says

    Is the shingles vaccine gluten free, and is it safe for people with diagnosed gluten intolerance?