Birthday Cake-Gluten-Free of course!

Birthday cakes always have stories.

Stories of happy times, shared with friends and family.

Stories of successes as a new baker makes a delicious cake for a loved one.

Stories of failures that become part of family lore for years to come.

Stories of sadness when a medical diagnosis means you can’t have the recipe of your childhood and the commercial mixes just don’t come close to replacing what was lost.


So what do you do when the cake recipes of your youth don’t work anymore, but you still want to make the day super special for a loved one?

Start with a wonderful inspiration like this ratio from Michael Ruhlman.

Ruhlman’s Basic Sponge Cake Recipe= 1:1:1:1 / egg:sugar:flour:butter

Which translates to

ingredient      Amount, oz
eggs, large, RT    8 (4 whole + 1 yolk)
sugar    8 oz
salt    1 teaspoon
lemon juice    2 tablespoons
vanilla extract    1 teaspoon
baking powder (optional)    2 teaspoons
flour, sifted    8 oz
butter, melted but cool    8 oz

But you know that there is more than just a ratio to creating a great cake.

There is technique as well.  This recipe uses the classic technique of creaming the butter and sugar together to make a tender cake.

My mom would lovingly make this a cake like this one for my birthday each year, and was thrilled that I loved it to be filled with a layer of currant jelly and coconut. She really loved all the contrasts that the tart jam and sweetened coconut provided to the fluffy mocha frosting.

I knew it had to be replicated gluten free to continue the tradition for my girls.

My daughters love the tender texture for cupcakes as well. I rarely let them eat much of the icing, it has a bit of a caffeine rush.

So get all your ingredients lined up and at room temperature, that is so important.


[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:7]Now this is the birthday cake of my dreams, and my girls dreams, but what about those of you who need a different sort of cake to relive those childhood memories?  You should find it here amongst all the tempting treats developed for you.

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    Oh, the flavor combinations in this cake look incredible! I haven’t ever tried anything like that – and am sure I’d love it. Yummm!