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Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato with Vegan Mayo

Vegan Mayo

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Pork Chop-Stovetop method of cooking

Sometimes you just want to have a simple pork chop. Finding one that has been healthily raised on a pasture can be difficult.   So much of the pork available in the United States has been raised in situations that do not enhance their health. That is why I really appreciate the database of Eat […]

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Falling for flavor- Apple, onion and sauerkraut with pork chops and apple cider gravy

  Apple, onion and sauerkraut Saute   Author: Jean Layton Save Print Once the leaves begin to change, my taste buds yearn for savory flavors accompanied by a bit of sweetness. This recipe fulfills those yearnings. It works well as an accompaniment for pork chops as shown but works equally well as a main course for […]

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Chicken Peanut rice noodles with zucchini, carrots and scallions-glutenfree

Once it gets hot in Bellingham, the salads of summer are far more appealing. This one has includes a spicy-as-you-wish peanut sauce and whatever vegetables you have around. Perfect for all those bits and pieces. This can be vegan by subbing in tofu cubes or cashews for the chicken. Peanut noodle Salad with Chicken and […]

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Summer Grilled Chicken Dinner

Summer supper-grilled chicken,green salad, red potato salad, a photo by GFDoctor on Flickr. Spice rub for Chicken grilling   Author: Jean Layton Recipe type: chicken, grilled, dinner, lunch Prep time:  3 mins Cook time:  30 mins Total time:  33 mins Save Print Super simple spice rub for grilling Ingredients 1 tablespoon cumin 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 […]

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Ginger Beef gluten-free StirFry =dinner

Ginger Beef gluten-free StirFry =dinner, a photo by GFDoctor on Flickr. I’m trying out a new idea, a visual recipe. Sometimes I just grab what is in my fridge and create dinner on the fly. The vegetables can vary, but the technique is the same. Heat the pan, add some oil coat the meat with […]

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