CRAP Free Food

Looking ahead to this year, I’ve decided to be honest and way more open that in previous years.

This doesn’t mean too much information about me (I hope), just a lot more information about why and how I’ve gotten to this place,

this time

these decisions.

Why in the world do I make something as simple as feeding my family a complex web of decisions?

Why do I have to know where my food comes from, with provenance narrowed  to a smaller and smaller acceptable place?

As my brother puts it, It is tough being me.

Because I know too much

I know that much of what is consumed in the USA as food is CRAP.

Chemically laden, Revolting modifications of the gene pooll, Artificially flavored and colored, Pesticide laden.

I want CRAP free food.

Food without Chemical additives

Food without Revolting modifications of the gene pool (GMO) foods

Food without Artificial colors, flavors or scents

Food without Pesticides

That food companies have managed to convince us that we need instant oatmeal with “berries” that turn the bowl an icky aqua, so highly sweetened as to change our desire for sugar saddens my heart.

Convinced us that we don’t need to know how to cook real food that comes from happily raised animals and healthy farm fields. That the CAFO meat included in our Happy Meals is sufficient to keep us healthy, dismays me.

Convinced us that just one more packaged product will make our family happy, makes me furious.

I’m ripping off the corporate camouflage this year.

Telling you exactly what will be most helpful,

Teaching you about the basics so you can make your best decisions.

And it is a bit scary for me to do this.

Because I know that these companies won’t like me, won’t support me, won’t hire me to create recipes for their products that are full of hydrogenated fats, genetically modified ingredients and CAFO meats.

I’m fine with that.

I will be asking a bit more from all of you though,

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Every time you come to visit, please.

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This year, the places in my life that provide the most financial stability to my family, will get the most attention.

Seems like a simple equation, doesn’t it.

But in years past, I’ve pushed through my doubts and my fears to keep multiple balls in the air.

This year I’m drawing back and refocusing.

Teaching people to live a healthy life, with food that nourishes your bodies and feeds your souls without crap.

Enjoying the full flavor of pastured butter, organically grown beans, grass fed meats.

Chicken eggs from an animal that actually touched the earth.

I’ll be visiting the places my food comes from, inviting you along to see why and how I’ve made these choices.

My goals are simple enough.

I want to eat food that grows without the needs for insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, and fumigants,

Foods that carry their genetic legacy from prior generations of plants, not alien ones inserted in the laboratory.

The meat my family enjoys will come from animals who felt earth under their hooves or feet, felt the sun on their backs and ate blades of grass.

And maybe, I will eat just a bit of Crappy food

Holy Crap Cereal

Tomorrow I’ll start with one of my favorite basics, eggs

Let me know in the comments if you’d like a rundown of the health of one of your favorites.



  1. Rebecca says

    Breath of fresh air……..and most welcome.

    When I was a girl, we drank raw milk from the family cow, ate grass fed beef, eggs from our own chickens and vegetables from Mom’s big garden. I don’t recall that we were ever harmed by it. In fact, we were pretty darned healthy……..far from what the government would have people believe. A topic you might consider is food fear and where it really comes from.

    As for me and my house, we are returning to those very things that sustained us so well in our youth.

  2. says this link is supposed to display your gluten free recipe archives, but the page cannot be found (404 error).

    I have links to your GF Ratio Rally recipes, so I know you’ve changed your web address (from to Perhaps there are other broken links in your site?

    Thx for sharing your experience baking gluten free!