Dr. Rodney Ford is in town on Sunday September 16th

Time to start up the sourdough again, bread time is in the air.

I let my starter die off before the summer heat makes it hard to keep the right yeasts and bacteria growing, who wants to monitor those unruly yeasties through the humidity and heat of summer?

Once the first leaves fall, it is time to get those tasty microbes doing their thing. (sorry California, looks like you need to wait just a bit longer, 106 in San Diego today, WOW)
Yesterday morning I combined 400 grams of sourdough food with 800 grams of water then added a packet of the sourdough starter.
That way I’m certain that the bread will be as lovely as I remember.

Have to admit, I have a secondary reason for starting the beasties to growing again.
On Sunday September 16th at 2pm, Dr. Rodney Ford will be in town for a presentation to the community and a discussion of his new book, Gluten Zero.

Afterwards some of the Bellingham Gluten Information Group board members and leaders will be able to share a potluck with Dr. Ford.

I’ll be posting pictures and recipes next week for the Sourdough hamburger buns, gluten-free, dairy free pear tart with blackberries I’ll be bringing to the party.
You’ll need to find your own Harvester Brewing beer. We’ll be sampling all I have on Sunday.


  1. Heather McKean says

    I really want to make your sourdough recipe after a miserable failed attempt at my first loaf from another site/recipe. The only thing is that I already have my established starter that was made with brown rice. Will my starter mess up the recipe? I see that it calls for 1500g which is a lot more than I had on hand. So I need to feed it a few more times to get up to that amount. Unfortunately, I had already mixed up all the other ingredients before I realized the amount of starter was so high. So now I have a bowl full of flour waiting for the starter to be ready!

    • says

      Hi Heather,
      Sounds like your starter has only brown rice flour in it?
      If so, it won’t create a wonderful loaf from my recipe because it is lacking in protein for structure.
      If you want to be able to make the bread this weekend, take a bit of your active starter mixture and combine it with 3 cups of my starter flour mix plus 3 cups of water. Let it sit till Sunday and then bake.
      The reason that the starter amount is so much has to do with getting the coarser grains to rehydrate. Since they sit in the water for days, you won’t get that rice flour crunch when you make the bread.

  2. a. Orr says

    A question about your sourdough starter Jean…I have access to Bob’s Redmill All purpose of garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, sorghum flour, and fava bean flour. Would this, in your opinion, be a good substitute for a starter flour or am I missing a key component?

    • says

      I haven’t tried growing the starter on the Bobs Gluten-free flour. The high level of beans it includes changes the flavor. The key you would be missing is the brown rice flour.