Easy Dark Chocolate Truffles

Sometimes I crave chocolate.

Dark soft Chocolate with just a bit of sweetness, vanilla scented, made simply from great ingredients.


250 Grams of Dark Chocolate (I used Trader Joes 72% Belgium dark)- cut into squares

150 grams organic heavy cream

40 grams organic unsalted butter

3 grams vanilla extract

200 g powdered sugar (optional)

Chopped nuts, sprinkles, minced fruits. (optional)


Place all the ingredients in the top of your double boiler or a metal bowl over a pot of boiling water.

Let melt till 3/4 of the chocolate squares are melted, stirring frequently.

Remove from the heat and continue to stir till all the chocolate is melted.

Place in a container and chill till the truffle filling will scoop and hold a shape.

I use a mini ice cream scoop to create the balls but you can pinch off bits or use a spoon too.

To make sure that they won’t stick together, I use powdered sugar but this is optional.

You could also use cocoa powder, jimmies or chopped nuts to finish the look.

Place the decorative item of your choice on  a plate, drop the balls of truffle onto the plate and dust with remaining sugar or roll the balls around on the plate. 

Make sure to enjoy within a week or so, the heavy cream will start to degrade after that.