My face is red- Gluten Toxicity Review

Ever had one of those times when you’re sailing along with ease,

problems come up and the solution is right behind?


Yeah, me neither.

I do occasionally get into those flow moments, having ease and grace get me to completion of a project.

Then there are other times, the ones when I was certain that something was taken care of and I could check it off of my burgeoning to-do list.


Like this post.

But alas, my face is red with embarrassment.

I originally wrote it shortly after receiving Shelly’s book when we were visiting with Dr. Rodney Ford.

Gluten Toxicity by Shelly Stuart RN
Gluten Toxicity by Shelly Stuart RN

Loved the book so much, I eagerly put it in my editorial calendar to have the review come out before Christmas.

Knowing that for so many people, the holidays are when they hear about the sister who’s health concerns cleared once on a gluten free diet.

Or the child’s aunt marveling in the niece’s new ability to sit playing without tantrums.

Knowing that those folks would be out looking for information.

Looking for answers


Looking for this book, Gluten Toxicity by Shelly L. Stuart

Shelly has used her intimate personal knowledge, combined with clinical knowledge from her years as a Celiac Nurse and Gluten Intolerance Consultant to lead the reader through how to diagnose, what questions to ask of your physician, how to find a support group and the symptoms of celiac-body system by body system.

She even shares her story, showing how even a skilled nurse can have  a disease but not recognize it.

Do yourself a favor, get a copy of this book.  There is always more to learn about celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

The reference section alone is worth the cost.

 You can be ruled in, but it is difficult to be ruled out.

Just don’t do what I did and write a review, schedule it in WordPress and forget to check that it actually published.

That will make you just as red as I am.