How-To Make Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread

Gluten Free Sourdough Baguettes
Gluten Free Sourdough Baguettes from GFDoctor

Has It been a long time since you thought about eating something like this?

Crispy, crunchy Crust
tender strands of dough encasing air pockets that resist your teeth for just a moment then melt into a sourdough tang.
A baguette, a sourdough baguette.
This is the recipe I have been perfecting on for the last few months. How to make gluten free sourdough bread.
It is done,
It is so special.
I will be teaching a class to share my knowledge in Bellingham,WA January 26th from 6:00-8:00 at the Cordata Community Food Coop, where each attendee will go home with some starter.
To register contact
So till after that class, I just can’t share the recipe.
But I can share some news.
My husband (the acupuncturist) and I have grown our practice in Bellingham over the last 5 1/2 years a lot like when you grow plants, with love and lots of care.
But our pot is bursting at the seams, patients seem to bump into each other in our small hallway a bit too frequently. We have actually had times when our waiting room is filled to capacity.
It does help that we only have 2 chairs.
But to have patient wait at all is truly a rarity.
We schedule ourselves well, knowing we might take an entire hour with each patient to take a thorough history, examine them and treat.
So it is time to move.
This past month we have visited just about every empty office in Bellingham, searching for the perfect new business home.
There are a lot to look at now. So many businesses have consolidated or closed.
And we found it! And it is right around the block from where we are now.   Yipee, so nice to not have a lot of difficult explaining to do about where we are going.
But the next month will be occupied with moving and setting up a nice, new space.
A new home for the next half decade.
So an early apology, I will have to wait to post more about the gluten-free sourdough till after our move.
I am working to create a starter kit, with the dried starter, a bag of the flours to feed it, and another bread ingredient bag.  But need to find some company willing to package the flours.

How to make Gluten-Free Sourdough

I am trying to see if there is a demand for the ease that comes with all the components in one place.  If you would want to buy something like that, can you let me know in the comments?  I would love to hear from folks nationwide.
You don’t need to get a starter from anyone, the yeast is in the air. You just need to give it the right home to move into and thrive.
So to get you started, check our these sites.  I certainly did.
I started out my investigations looking here mostly for technique, here cause it came up on a google search for gluten free sourdough  and here for the same reason.
And then I kept going with study of the microbiology of sourdough, like here and here. But I had to adapt all this to gluten-free flours.
And I gathered my tools,a scale to precisely measure the flours like this one that can weigh in both ounces and gramsSoehnle 65105, Style Digital Kitchen Scale, Silver.
 I find I like to be able to measure small amounts in grams and larger ones in ounces. A heavy duty mixer to beat the dough, a great pan to form it in to get that distinctive baguette shape, one like this one.
Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick Perforated French Bread Pan
and then I went searching for a lame to slice those vents.
Then I read all of Peter Reinhart’s books,  just because every time I had a question about bread making technique, my husband would say, “its in one of Peter’s Books”.
Why would I be asking my acupuncturist husband these kinds of questions you ask? Why would a man skilled in the uses of Chinese herbs, tui-na and acupuncture points know the answers to bread making difficulties?
Because when we first moved to Bellingham, almost 6 years ago, before the clinic became our source of support, Ed worked for Breadfarm on the weekends.
He was one of the formers, meaning he took the dough that had risen and created those amazing shapes and cuts to get it to bake just right.  Occasionally he worked as the mixer, carefully measuring the flours and starters, getting the proportions just right for each type of bread.
So when we discovered that we needed to be gluten free, it was especially hard on Ed. He loved to work with that dough, the silky smoothness under his hands.  Loved to work with the friendly folks in the bakery, loved the camaraderie.
But being surrounded by aerosolized flour?  He doesn’t miss that.
So in many ways this has been a team effort to create this sourdough.  We both had great taste memories to guide us.
I had to resist my urge to use really healthy flours and let the starches take a lead.
And I had to make many, many batches of bread.
So many that now our daughters are asking us to NOT bake any more for a little while.
While we are in the process of moving the office, it will be a bit quiet around here.
But I will return with lots of good recipes for bread, sourdough pancakes, and lots of other goodies.
If you have any troubles starting your own starter, send me a message and we can figure out how to keep the starter in circulation for all of us. Perhaps we can get a few volunteers to dry and send starter out like the Oregon Trail starter folks.  I have to admit, it would be too much for me to do by myself right now.
If you know somewhere that might want me to come and teach a class, let me know that too.
I am doing a bit of traveling this year (Atlanta, New York, Portland, OR and maybe Ashland, OR.) so if I can make the scheduling work, it would be fun to teach other places.
Have fun replicating.
If you are curious, our new office is:
Layton Health Clinic
1609 Broadway St Suite 202
Bellingham WA 98225   and we will move in on Feb 1st.  Our open house will be mid February.  I promise to serve some lovely appetizers on sourdough baguette slices.The Trio of recipes you will need are:


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      Hi Julie,
      By your email, I’m guessing that you are in the United Kingdom. I’m unable to ship the dried starter out of the US. customs has some problems with it.