It is here!


Publication Day.

Just those two little words send my heart soaring.


To walk into Village Books to see this table, set with the books of all the amazing writers who will be reading this month

Words just fail me.


Then to go down to the cookbook area and see this display.

Oh My!  Sorry for the poor lighting, I forgot to bring along a bounce.

So if you are in Bellingham on Thursday December 8th at 7pm and would like to sample some treats from the book, meet me and my family, hear a bit of the backstory to the book and get one signed for a gift (or for yourself), please join me.

I’ll be the one blushing a lot. :)



  1. says

    Congratulations, Jean! Great work. Can I take a raincheck on the treats? Bellingham isn’t too far from Poulsbo, so maybe we can meet the next time I visit my in-laws. :)

  2. Susan C says

    Congratulations, Jean!!! I know your book will be a big success with all the GF and celiac folks out here, there and everywhere! IT has come at the perfect time when there is a huge need for “Now that I know I must eat GF, how do I do this?!” I am a home cook and baker and have spent many hours and much money doing my own experimenting. Thank you for saving those going forward the time and $$$ from failed experiments. Your book is a fabulous idea for all those who like to make their own home-baked goodies, especially those with children who like to bake and play in the kitchen with ‘different’ ingredients. Way to go, Dr. Jean!! :-)

  3. Chris says

    So very proud of you and your wonderful book. My copies (one for me and one for Kristy so she can bake for her boys!) arrived last week, and I’ve been eagerly reading at night.

    Enjoy the hubbub and huzzahs! You deserve them!!

  4. Laura says

    I preordered my copy from Amazon and got it the day after Thanksgiving. :-) its packed with lots of useful information and yummy looking recipes. congratulations!

  5. Patrick says


    I wish Deanna and I could make it! Congratulations! So fantastic! I’ll be excited to get my own signed copy someday soon!


    Patrick and Deanna