It’s So Fluffy! Nutrimill makes it so.

I’m as excited as Agnes in Despicable Me.

Why you might ask?

Nutrimill has sent me a flour mill!

A piece of kitchen equipment I have had on my wish list for over 5 years.


I’m so excited because now I can keep all my grains in whole grain form, preventing oxidation and staleness by milling just before use.

grains in glass.jpg

Like this Whole Grain Flour Mix.  Measuring out by weight makes it simple to measure. Just a quick stir together and pour into the top of the Nutrimill. Dial the grind to the finest setting and in a short 5 minutes I have fluffy, whole grain, gluten-free flour.

Raw Grains Pouring Into Nutrimill

I’m so excited because this machine allows me to mill to incredibly soft, fluffy flour. FLUFFY! 

Whole Grain Flour Mix
Whole Grain Flour Mix


and it shows in my baked goods.

Tender Tangy Gluten Free Waffles with Berry Sauce

Since I measure for all of my baked goods by weight, the fineness of this mill’s finest grind allows for a lightness and tenderness that is unsurpassed without creating complications of volume measurements.

The difference in the finished product is quite amazing. These waffles are one of my family’s favorite breakfasts, created at least once a week.

The first time I used this freshly milled flour, my daughters ate the entire batch of waffles, with raspberries for breakfast and almond butter for lunch.

The mill is versatile, allowing a wide range of grinds. All the way from coarsely cracked meals to the fine powdery flour I’m so excited to have available.