Omega- Mincemeat Cookies with a Butter Gluten-Free Pie Crust

Omega, the completion.
One of my class attendees, Cat Bismuth, asked if I had thought of filming the process of making bread.

Yes, I had thought of it.  I love Shauna and Danny’s videos. Learning a new technique is much easier to follow visually.

What held me back was simple. Who would come and do that filming?

My girls?  Their camera control needs a bit of work.

The dog? She is no help, you need those opposable thumbs to hold the camera.

Cat told me she was a videographer, and asked would I like to be filmed by her?


Lucky me, Cat had already lined up another amazing gluten-free blogger to share her recipe as well.
Jeanne Sauvage from Art of Gluten-Free Baking was all lined up to do her flaky pie crust. Cat wondered if we would be willing to guest appear on each others filming.Heck, yes!After all, pie crust is one of the holy trinity of gluten-free desires.Bread, pizza and pie crust.The three s that make newly diagnosed gluten-free folks weep to imagine life without.
All of which are actually fairly simple to make once you have a great guide.A guide like Jeanne for pie who learned from Kate McDermott  the secrets to flaky, buttery pie. Which she then turned around and created gluten free.

Like good students everywhere, while we were filming, I took mental notes of all the techniques.
I brought those techniques back to my kitchen.

Gathered my choices of flour, using my flour chart for guidance for nutritions sake.  Brought my ½ pound of butter to cool room temperature for flavor’s sake, and created my variation on Jeanne’s classic pie crust.
Now I had the essential ingredient for the Omega of a meal. Cookies that fill the empty nooks and bits of time with coffee after a big meal.
Since my husband lets me know on a yearly basis that mincemeat is his preferred pie for Thanksgiving, these are for him.


Waiting to be filled
just a bit of filling
Sorry for the fuzzy focus, I just love this tool of my grandmother’s.  It cuts out fluted circles or plain circles with the center cut out able to be flipped from one site to the other.  Ingenious!
Found this fun mincemeat at Deals only!
Check out that list of ingredients, real fruits, cider and brandy.  Just a bit of tartness from the acid.  We can’t seem to get enough of it.
This one only lasted a moment, Ed grabbed it right after the photo


And if those recipes aren’t exactly what you are hoping to find for your holiday table, check out this amazing group of bloggers who all took on the challenge of baking gluten-free. For some of these folks, it might be the first time ever baking gluten-free.

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