It’s So Fluffy! Nutrimill makes it so.


I’m as excited as Agnes in Despicable Me. Why you might ask? Nutrimill has sent me a flour mill! a piece of equipment I have had on my wish list for over 5 years. I’m so excited because now I can keep all my grains in whole form, preventing oxidation and staleness by milling just before […]

Tender, Tangy Gluten Free Waffle Recipe

Tender Tangy Gluten Free Waffles with Berry Sauce

  Tender, Tangy Gluten Free Waffle Recipe   Author: Dr. Jean Layton Recipe type: Breakfast Cuisine: Gluten-Free Save Print Tender, tangy and crispy waffles, the perfect treat for a holiday or weekend. Even better, bake all the batter just a minute short of done for your own toaster waffles. Ingredients 4 eggs 300 grams buttermilk (approx 1½ cups) […]

Gluten Free Beer Labeling- Finally

Gluten Free Beer

The day has arrived: Gluten Free Beer labeling is getting way easier for us. Finally, if the beer is made from gluten containing grains, it will have to have a warning saying just that. Read the ruling in full but this quote gives the gist. Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau determined that it would be […]

French Toast Gluten Free

Gluten Free French Toast with Caramelized Pineapple Sauce

This sandwich loaf I made the other day was so popular that I need to make more just to be able to make this dinner. Yes, around our house sometimes breakfast is for dinner. This recipe was so easy and so simple. French Toast Gluten Free It’s one of the recipes  I’m making sure my daughters […]

Gluten Free Dairy Free Sandwich Loaf

gluten free dairy free bread slice

One of our daugthers is home sick. It’s one of those 24 hour stomach bugs that happens even to the healthiest of us. After all, if we never get sick, how would our immune system build itself up? She needs comfort and sometimes comfort is as simple as a gluten free dairy free sandwich loaf […]