Fresh Strawberry Crepe Cake-Gluten Free

Fresh Strawberry Crepe Cake Gluten-free

Share this:Even during the hottest time of the year, there are invitations to be had, parties to attend and people to celebrate.  Desserts are essential for the celebrations, at least they are around my house.  Not knock your socks off sugar fests, just sweet temptations full of fruit, a bit of protein, and lots of […]

Strawberry Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Strawberry Olive oil Cake Recipe

Share this:It’s an hour before the big potluck and I need to make something fabulous. And gluten-free and dairy free, soy free, corn free.  Ever had a moment like that one? Since I wrote Gluten Free Baking for Dummies, the pressure is on to show up at parties with a tempting and allergen friendly treat.  […]

Everyday Gluten-Free Cookbook Review

Fluffy Lemon Chia Pancakes from Everyday Glutn-Free Cookbook

Share this:How does a newly diagnosed gluten-free diet needing person find the best reference for their new diet? Guidance on the Gluten-Free Diet is accessible, almost too accessible.  There are blogs, recipes galore, podcasts, videos and cookbooks. Finding a reference book can be problematic, especially when you don’t know what to ask about or what to […]