Pizza- Gluten Free Ratio Rally

Look at that rise and puffy crunchy edge

When I diagnose a patient with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, one of the first foods mourned is pizza.

Batter- yes this pizza dough gets spread not kneaded

Mourned with a passion and a fury by the teens, with wistfulness and longing by the adults.

Crunchy crusts, smeared with thick tomato sauce, dripping with cheese, accented by olives or pepperoni.

This is one of the main reasons patients cheat, because they want this so badly.

batter poured onto pizza stone

Or because it is a habitual, happy habit that is incredibly hard to break.

But cheating can lead to even more damage, the inflammatory cascade just compounds. No one should be eating food that makes them sick.

Spreading the dough

There isn’t a good reason to do this damage.

There are amazing pizza recipes out here in the blogging world, ready for you to seize the flours and bake.


You will, however,  have to wait just a bit for my recipe.

We love Kalamata olives

You see, this recipe is included in the upcoming Gluten-Free Baking For Dummies

after 10 minutes in a 500 degree oven

Publication date is December 6th, just in time for Christmas. Till it is published, I can’t share the recipe, but I can show you how to make the pizza and point out all the other variations on this classic treat.

So my challenge for you this month is to bookmark this post,  use the links to try all these varieties of pizza till you find one to call your own.

Update:  Here you go, my gluten free pizza recipe 


Jenn of Jenn Cuisine is making Moitié-Moitié Sausage & Chanterelle Pizza

Meg of Gluten-Free Boulangerie created Pissaladière (Provençal flatbread w/ olives & anchovies)

TR of No One Likes Crumbley Cookies baked a Teriyaki Chicken Pizza

Erin Swing | The Sensitive Epicure Stuffed Pizza Pie: Spinach, Mushrooms, Sausage

Charissa | Zest Bakery sauteed onion and sausage grilled pizza with basil

Pete and Kelli | No Gluten, No Problem Grilled Pizza

~Mrs. R/ Honey From Flinty Rocks Pepperoni Pizza & Pineapple, Black Olive & Ham Pizza

Caneel / Mama Me Gluten Free Pizza crust by ratio (choose your toppings)

Morri | Meals With Morri Everything Peace Pretzels & Pizza Blanca

Meredith / Gluten Free Betty Pizza

gretchen | kumquat Mozzarella Pizza with Pine Nuts, Currants & Arugula

Brooke Lippy /B & the boy Dessert Pizza

Karen/ Cooking Gluten-Free! GASP! Garlic, Artichoke,Sun-Dried Tomato, Pesto Pizza

Lisa at Gluten Free Canteen Rum Raisin Apple Pizza Pie, Gluten Free, Dairy Free


  1. says

    Janet Woodward is baking a gluten free pizza using locally grown tomato paste (grown 18 foot away from where I am typing), Wensleydale cheese, and fresh coriander, sage and parsley.

    Food miles?? no….food feet….

  2. Morri says

    You know, I never thought of pouring it like a batter onto a stone and cooking it (I was afraid of the results if I did that), but you’ve inspired me to do just that without fear.

    And congrats on being published!


    • says

      Hi Morri.
      I do pour the batter onto parchment paper, but then I let it rise.  It isn’t instant.  I might try a baking powder version soon to see if it would give me the flavor and texture profile I desire.  But I love the yeasty taste so most likely I’ll go back to the rise time.