Reflection, Remembrance and Refreshing

at year end something happens in my world.

space and time seem to morph,8300180961_cfd5c0ecd9

I forget the day of the week,

I forget the time of day.

Breathing in and out becomes relaxed and free.

Staying up late for movie marathons

Playing board games with our daughters and feeling the pride that they understand financial complexities enough to bankrupt me in Monopoly.


That is what the week between Christmas and New Year’s means for me.

Time to reflect on the successes and failures of 2012.

Time to remember people who have changed my life, my work, my world

Time to refresh for the opportunities of 2013.

It is looking like a fun year already.

My calendar is filling with speaking engagements

January in Vancouver BC

March in Anaheim CA at Natural Products Expo West in the Specialty Diet Forum .


Got to admit, I’m hoping to meet Robyn O’Brien in person.

Classes in Bellingham at the Coop

Clean Thrive program running at my office  starting on January 8th.

Pie Camps


and Blogging conferences.

All of this is because you read my words, and want to know more about thriving Gluten-Free.

Thank you

And Happy New Year!