Review- Kinnikinnick Soft Buns and Bread

Kinnikinnick’s new advertising campaign is Toss your toaster.


Kinnikinnick NEW soft bread, hot dog and hamburger buns

Because they have finally overcome that dreaded rock-hard texture of gluten-free bread.

Their newest product line-soft white bread, soft wholegrain bread, hamburger buns and hotdog rolls stay fresh and tender without needing the refreshing pop in the toaster that most buns require.

Don’t believe me?

Take a peek at this bread that has been frozen for 7 months.

As you can see, the bread stays soft but not mushy, even close to its expiration date.

How about taste, the other consideration for great bread?

Well, let me just tell you what my family said when I served up some hamburgers on these buns for dinner.

Ed, my husband, only asked one question, “these have no xanthan or guar gums?”  and I could respond, “no they just have cellulose .”  This is key for our family since Ed responds to xanthan or guar with a reaction eerily similar to his gluten response.
Fiona and Katie, our 13 year old twins asked, “Are these what regular wheat buns feel like?”
They have no recollection of what a regular wheat-based bun would feel like in their mouths. They went gluten free at seven.
My thoughts were of how tasty these buns are, and how reasonable in cost considering that they are gluten-free.

Now to find them in Bellingham.


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    My daughter really likes Kinnikinnick’s new hamburger buns, too. I’ve been purchasing them from the Bellingham Food Co-op on Cordata.

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      Thanks for letting me know, need to get up to the Coop for more. My daughter is traveling with the YMCA climbing team, she’ll need bread for the trip.