Menu for week one of the food stamp challenge

We got off to a slow start on Sunday due to candy hangovers.  Well actually 3 members of our home got off to a slow start.

I got up at 6 am, just like usual.  Why do I do that?  Even when we get an extra hour, I just can’t seem to sleep in.

Oh well. I used the time productively enough. Got the Seattle Times for both the actual news and the coupons, made a pot of tea and read both the Times and the Bellingham Herald while exercising the dog at the dog park.  I like to read the Herald for all the local news, but their national coverage is slim and their international coverage non-existent.  For a girl who grew up reading the NY Times this is a problem.

And just to keep busy, thought about how to feed my family this week.

Came up with this menu:
And although you all have great eyesight, I am sure that you can’t read it.
Mainly ’cause I have had doctor’s writing ever since I was a very small girl and it never improved.
So here is the menu for this week:

Sunday Breakfast: Pancakes made with my light mix with sauteed apples and walnuts

Lunch:Brown Rice Pasta from Trader Joe’s with jarred tomato sauce

Dinner:Black Bean Soup with corn flour quesadillas

Monday: Fried eggs with tortillas, avacado and salsa
Lunch: Girls: Garlicy Hummus with carrot and celery sticks, satsumas, TJ’s pirate booty and one candy bar from Halloween each. Ed and I- leftover soup with rice
Dinner: Pork Ribs- boneless
Cornbread with whole corn and diced peppers
mixed frozen veggies Organic TJ’s (Hey I only had a 45 minute window to cook, feed and gather cellos for the 5th grade string concert before we had to dash back to school)

Tuesday: breakfast- Oatmeal with walnuts, dried fruit and milk
Lunch: hummus again with pepper strips, crackers and satsumas.  I think a couple of candy bars snuck into the lunch boxes as well.
Ed skipped lunch (he does this frequently) and I ate leftovers of the ribs/cornbread and veggies
Dinner: Roast chicken, mashed potatoes for 3, rice for 1 and sauteed kale

Wednesday: Breakfast: Apple crisp with fake milk for Ed and I and ice cream for the girls (Hey it has all the protein that milk does and the girls love it, so why not just a scoop?)
Lunch: peanut butter, celery sticks, cheese and crackers and satsumas
Dinner: Crockpot winter vegetable soup and Gluten-Free sourdough bread

Thursday: Breakfast: Eggs with tortillas and guacamole
Lunch: leftover soup for the girls,sourdough bread, cheese and carrot sticks, satsumas or apples
Dinner: green curry chicken over rice

Friday: Breakfast: Apple Ginger Walnut muffins
Lunch: refried beans with tortilla chips and shredded cheese, celery/carrots/cukes and apple/satsumas
Dinner:  ??? I think the girls are invited to a sleep over that night but details are still up in the air.  Most likely pizza for them (I’ll make it and send it)
Cupcakes (since it is a birthday party) packed in their cup-a-cakes.

If Ed and I are alone (such a rare occurrence)… well we might not be as concerned about food.  Most likely just a noshy dinner from the fridge. Late.

Saturday: Breakfast: Eggs with tortillas or sourdough (if there is still some left)
Lunch: samples from the vendors at the BGIG Community Awareness Event and a yogurt.
Dinner:??  Haven’t truly planned that far.  We will all be tired from the event and might just make pasta or waffles for dinner.

I know there will be lots of questions about the items in my menu.  I will be making the names of each recipe a live link just as soon as I type them all in, but that may take another few days.
See I am speaking at the BGIG event on Friday.  My topic-Gluten Intolerance, do I have it? Then I am back on Saturday for the big event all day.

My girls even get to help out with the recycling because we are attempting to make it a zero waste event!
And then Sunday, I have my girl scout meeting to run and the neighbor swap too.

Oh, I just reread that and realized you might be wondering what a neighbor swap is.  No, we do not trade homes, spouses or cars.  We actually gather clothes and household items, bring them to the Sunshine room here in Sudden Valley and exchange for someone else’s things.  Think of it as a garage sale without money.
Anyway we have one a month or so and it falls on this Sunday.

So I will get to typing out all the recipes but you might not see them till next week.  Sorry

Asparagus Quiche Torte GF CF

When the spring breezes blow, my thoughts turn to asparagus and eggs. Maybe this craving is a rembrance of the lovely asparagus bed we had as children. The place we could enter and forage at will for dinner.
Where we would challenge each other to let the spear grass grow to a decent height before snapping off.

I have to admit, I thought the bed lovely when it went to ferning. Still have a vision of hiding amongst the ferns, feeling like a leprechaun in my “forest”.

I think I always wanted chickens but with cats and dogs already in hand, my folks drew the line. Beside suburban NJ isn’t exactly a place for chickens to roam.

So I made do with eggs from the store. Now I search out local eggs, fat orange yolks standing proud of thick egg whites, and I turn them into brunch.

I created this recipe for one of my classes recently. I kept in mind a springtime brunch idea. Wanted to make it a prepare ahead and keep warm kind of recipe. Had to make it GF for me and CF for my students.

The crust is easily used for many kinds of filling. I’ll post my mexican bean pie soon.

Asparagus Quiche- preheat oven to 350 degrees
1 Greased 10 ” springform pan

2 cups long grain brown rice – cooked till soft
¼ cup sweet rice flour
¼ cup olive oil
Stir together and press firmly onto bottom and up side of the springform pan.

Bake unfilled for 20 minutes.

1 pound of asparagus- ends trimmed
Olive oil
Place on cookie sheet, Roll asparagus in olive oil and bake 15-20 minutes till softened and fragrant.
Let cool a few minutes till they can be handled and chop the stems into fine circles till you have the tips left at a 3″ length. Place the stem circles into the prepared pie shell, reserving the tips for decoration.

9 large eggs
1 cup unsweetened soy, rice, hemp milk- if you can do dairy use half and half and skip the sweet rice flour in the filling
1 tablespoon sweet rice flour
Beat together well, pour into pie pan. Top with reserves asparagus tips pointing all the ends either into or out of the center

Bake in oven for 45-55 minutes till the quiche rises and the center is firm
Let cool slightly and serve.

Poof Done Dinner

When you lead a busy life, dinner can be an afterthought.
When you lead a gluten-free life, it helps to have at least a few “poof-done” dinners in your repertoire.
This is one of mine.
Most of the ingredients are staples around my house.
for 4
2 cups Rice- prepared in our rice cooker
2 cups Beans-these were slow cooked by Ed a couple of days ago but canned would work just fine
1 large red pepper and 1 large onion- sliced and sauteed in olive oil
2 Chicken burger- I like the TJ’s chili lime burgers
guacamole – TJ’s again
salsa- Emerald Gardens fresh this time but I always keep both red and green salsas in jars on hand
shredded organic sharp cheddar
corn tortillas

I set up the rice cooker for the rice.
Chopped the chicken burgers into strips, saute till well cooked. Add red peppers and onions. Saute till tender
Heat beans
Heat tortillas.

Scoop rice, beans and chicken pepper mixture into bowls.
top with salsa, guacamole and cheese
serve tortillas on the side
Total cooking time 30 minutes or slightly less.

Savory Moments in Redmond to Have a Gluten Free Open House

I was reading my Google reader posts today at lunch like I typically do and came across this one from Gluten Free Mom

Savory Moments in Redmond to Have a Gluten Free Open House next Sunday, March 29th from 12:00-4:00 18005 NE 68th Street, Suite A-115 in Redmond, WA.
Please follow the link if you are interested in attending since they are asking for an RSVP in order to have sufficient samples.

Looks like FUN!

Shared and Distinct Genetic Variants in Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease

This new study in the New England Journal of Medicine 12/10/08 issue concludes:
A genetic susceptibility to both type 1 diabetes and celiac disease shares common alleles. These data suggest that common biologic mechanisms, such as autoimmunity-related tissue damage and intolerance to dietary antigens, may be etiologic features of both diseases.
Our results support further evaluation of the hypothesis that cereal and gluten consumption might be an environmental factor in type 1 diabetes, leading to the alteration of the function of the gut immune system and its relationship with the pancreatic immune system.
Furthermore, insulin and its precursors are major targets of the T and B lymphocyte autoreactive response in type 1 diabetes. Thus, one might speculate that bovine insulin in infant foods could enhance anti-insulin responses,3 particularly if there are genetically determined defects in oral tolerance predisposing to type 1 diabetes. Conversely, genes that are classified as autoimmunity genes, because they are associated with type 1 diabetes, contribute to celiac disease.


When I write this blog, the recipient of the information is my focus.

I see the frustrated parents from my ROCK group, the ones with the kids who just pick at their food since it has always been a source of pain.

I try to answer questions from people who stop me with the words, “you’re the Gluten-Free Doctor, right? Can you tell me …?”

Most of all, I write this blog because I realized that I have a truly unique set of skills. My ability to speak about both the nutritional and the medical facets of this situation is my strength. After all, what other disease has as its healing solution, FOOD!

So, I am truly thrilled to find my blog included in this amazing list of the top 100 Pediatric Health Blogs by the Nursing Assistant Central blog

The list covers the gamut from Health and Wellness, Child Development and Mental Health, Specific Childhood Illnesses and Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Nutrition, Food Allergies, Vaccines, Dental Health, Childbirth and Breastfeeding to Podcasts and For or By Professionals.

Feel free to check it out and see if you can become more informed.
And realize that I am truly grateful that this blog does have its followers.

In Fact, I will open it up for questions:
Send in a response and I will create a list of the questions asked. As long as they are not specific to you but general in nature, I’ll use them as the subjects of posts for the future.

and yes, more recipes are on the way. I have been working quite a bit with my light mix. I was asked by my ROCK group for a simple mix like Bisquick that could create gluten free quick breads and such.
I created a lovely mix that is all healthy flours- brown rice, sorghum, millet, white bean, quinoa, and amaranth.
Now I am working on recipes using the mix as the key.
Soon, I’ll have them all perfected.
So keep tuned, or ask for what you are missing, I’ll try to create it.