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Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie with Thyme- Gluten-Free from the GFDoctor

Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie with Thyme- Gluten-Free

Pie, Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes. That is my personal trinity of comfort food, and this pie is made even better by including the cheese pie crust, gluten-free to contrast the thyme scented apples. Cheese Pie Crust Recipe Gluten Free This month I’ll be posting a recipe each day or two that are essential to my […]

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Gluten-Free Pecan Pie Recipe- Cause every holiday deserves a sweet end

Visiting at my sister’s for Thanksgiving today, we wanted to truly enjoy ourselves. A pecan pie to complete the meal was the request by the younger family members. Onto AllRecipes.com, my sister’s favorite recipe site, we went to get some inspiration. None of them were quite what we wanted. We were hoping for a deep, […]

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Birthday Party Cupcakes- Spice Cake Gluten-Free, Casien-Free

  What to do when there is a birthday party at school complete with cupcakes? That has to be one of the classic problems of having a gluten free child. As a mom, you wish that the cupcakes just weren’t allowed. But the kid in you remembers how exciting it was to have a sweet […]

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