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Gluten Free Food Fair

Please join theBellingham Gluten Intolerance Group for the 4th Annual . . . .Gluten Free Food Fair Saturday, May 21, 2011         12 noon to 4 pm Bellingham Public Market,    1530 Cornwall        at the corner of Cornwall and YorkGluten Free food sampling from local dedicated facilities as well as other manufacturers, even some old favorites! Store tours to help you […]

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Some glimpses into the future

 Has It been a long time since you thought about eating something like this? Crispy, crunchy Crust tender strands of dough encasing air pockets that resist your teeth for just a moment then melt into a sourdough tang. A baguette, a sourdough baguette. This is the recipe I have been perfecting on for the last […]

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Lemon Caesar Dressing for Artichokes GF – CF if desired

My sister encouraged me to steam artichokes oh so many years ago. I think it was the caesar dressing that really caught my fancy. I love the combination of creamy, salty, garlicy flavors with the potent undertone of anchovy in well made caesar. So when I saw these lovelies in the store, I knew just […]

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Ode to an Egg McMuffin

Once upon a time in a world far away, this woman-child was a McDonald’s worker.Although she knew even then that she wouldn’t eat most of the food, it was a job close to home and so she worked hard to do her best.She worked so hard that they made her a teacher of other young […]

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Quinoa Corp

Amazon.com Widgets This is the time of year when pasta becomes dinner at least twice a week. When the number of events to attend each night multiplies to fill all available time from school dismissal to bedtime.Events that are so precious as they create the memories of the season.Like the Bellingham Port Festival, Haggen’s Sing […]

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American Celiac Disease Alliance

The American Celiac Disease Alliance (ACDA) recently sent this letter to The Chicago Tribune in response to the paper’s expose on poor food labeling practices. Dear Chicago Tribune Editor: On behalf of the American Celiac Disease Alliance (ACDA) and the thousands of Americans now affected by Celiac Disease, thank you for publishing the two-part investigative […]

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Bellingham Gluten Intolerance Group Annual Community Awareness event

Once a year the Bellingham Washington Gluten Intolerance Group hosts a Community Awareness Event. This year we have quite the line up of events to entertain and inform. Spread over THREE days, Kelle Rankin-Sunter and her crew of volunteers are hosting some amazing people. Best of All is that this is a FREE event to […]

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Kozy Shack Puddings

Kozy Shack puddings are all gluten-free. Yippee! For all those soon-to-be packed lunch boxes, these puddings are a simple and tasty dessert that provides a healthy amount of calcium. They come in such wonderful kid friendly flavors too. Chocolate, vanilla, rice and tapioca are all here. They even have a soy based line now! I […]

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Specialty Cheese Company

Just the Cheese These tasty little snacks were a big hit at the Kid’s Fest, one of the few snack items that were low in carbohydrates. Somehow,Specialty Cheese has managed to create a baked cheese snack that has one main ingredient, Cheese. Personally, I found them to be a bit salty, but I use very […]

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Bellingham Kids Fest Recap

Once again, the Kid’s Fest has come and gone. Once again, the gluten-free suppliers were incredibly generous. Each year I send out dozen of requests to the gluten-free manufacturers of the USA and Canada. I ask for donations of food in order keep the children of Bellingham that need to follow a gluten-free diet safe […]

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Wow! The time really flies when the kiddos are out of school! I just realized that,once again, summertime cooking classes are upon me! Next week is my adult picnic class for Whatcom Community College. The Picnic Basket: Light, Luscious and Gluten-Free! The warm days of summer are just around the corner, and that means packing […]

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New classes and an apology

I know that it has been far too long since my last post. Nothing quite like the rush of the holidays to fill every available minute of the day. December has always been a busy month for my family. My dad’s birthday was the 19th, mine is the 24th and now my daughters is the […]

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Bellingham Food Bank Understands!

Ever wonder just how hard life would have to be to need food from the food bank? Ever thought of just how hard it would be to keep gluten free if your main food source wasn’t the local Co-op or Trader Joe’s but someone else’s donations? Could you follow a gluten free diet based on […]

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I was asked by a couple of attendees of my Harvest of Gluten Free Desserts class to share my pirogies recipe. Here goes, but sorry for no pictures. Recipe: Gluten-free Pirogies Ingredients 1 Cup Sorghum flour 1 cup sweet rice flour 1 packet gelatin or 1 teaspoon xanthan gum (the gelatin works much better, but […]

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Classes to come

I have several classes to come in the future and would love for all of you to attend if you have the time/energy. I LOVE to teach! So in order of timing: Our First for Whatcom Community College! A Harvest of Gluten Free Desserts Have you recently discovered that you or someone you know is […]

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