Cooking Sunday -Bread, Soup and friends

Last Sunday I got a chance to cook with a woman I have known for years. We have many aspects of our lives in common, but haven’t had a chance before to just hang out and have fun. We share a common bond with our twins. Mine are 10 year old girls, hers are 20 […]

The search for the Starbucks GF Cake

Like lots of folks who follow the wonderful world of gluten free blogs, I have been wondering about the new Starbucks Gluten Free Valencia Orange Cake. That a major company would find it a good thing to bring out a new category of treats in these economic times is impressive. That our collective voices would […]

What to do on a flood day? Make Pudding!

Bellingham has been in the news lately. Not necessarily as a wonderful green city that is thriving in this economy but as a community under water. Check out this video to see how Sudden Valley has been this week. While we are dealing with so much water, I have neglected this blog. Luckily our home […]

Cream Hill Estates

Cream Hill Estates My mom always said that if something was made with oats it had to be healthy. Sometimes that was the rationale for cookies for breakfast, occasionally it explained the box that lived in the car. Most of the time, it was simply the acknowledgment by my registered nurse mother that oats are […]

Places to Eat GF in Bellingham

After reading a comment from a woman who will be traveling to our wonderful town this summer, I realized that I have never dedicated a whole post to GF dining in Bellingham. While I’ve mentioned various stores and restaurant before, I wanted to comply my thoughts in one post. What follows is the list that’s […]