Increased Risk for Celiac Disease- Early infections matter

by Daquella manera

This study- Early infections are associated with increased risk for celiac disease: an incident case-referent study suggests that having repeated infectious episodes under six months old provide increased risk for celiac disease. Having three or more parental-reported infectious episodes, regardless of type of infection, during the first six months of life was associated with a […]

Just in case you missed this one- Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity share some common traits .

Conclusion- Celiac Disease, an autoimmune enteropathy, results from an inappropriate T-cell-mediated adaptive immune response against ingested gliadin. In the past few years, though, it has become apparent that “classic” CD represents the tip of the iceberg of an overall disease burden [4,29]. An emerging problem is the clinical characterization of a group of gluten-reactive patients, […]

Type 1 diabetes mellitus and celiac disease: a boon to vascular health

Celiac and Diabetes Type 1- A boon for cardiovascular health

Much of my reading and research are deep in conventional medical journals, I want to help everyone to understand what the current research is saying.   I’m going to bring a citation here and then convert it into lay speak. If you have a question about the translation, feel free to ask in the comments. […]

Mortality of Undiagnosed Celiacs

400% Increase in Risk of Death for Undiagnosed 04/22/2009 – Not many studies have looked at prevalence and long-term outcome of undiagnosed celiac disease, and so not much is known about this aspect of the disease. Recently, a team of Mayo Clinic researchers conducted an assessment of the long-term outcome of undiagnosed celiac disease, […]

Feed the ones who need the support

This is from a blog that I love to follow. Please consider buying their book to support this amazing donation to the food bank. Gluten-Free Sales Proceeds to Charity this YEARUPDATE: we have extended this charity-event to the entire year (2009). I have been deeply concerned with the state of the economy, how quickly it […]