Reflection, Remembrance and Refreshing


at year end something happens in my world. space and time seem to morph, I forget the day of the week, I forget the time of day. Breathing in and out becomes relaxed and free. Staying up late for movie marathons Playing board games with our daughters and feeling the pride that they understand financial […]

Would you like a preview of my new book?

Join me as I  showcases recipes from my new cookbook, Gluten-free Baking for Dummies: Roasted Vegetable Pizza (prepared without xanthan or other gums), Crispy Cheese Popovers, and Chicken and Vegetable Pot Pie with creamy gravy and flaky pie crust that you can prepare ahead of time. Vegan conversions will also be covered. $35 members and […]

Dream Dinners, The Easy Entree and Classes

Yesterday I taught my most recent class at the Community Food Coop. This one was gluten free turnovers with yummy vegetarian and meat fillings. We had a lot of fun putting together pasties, pirogies and empanadas. I say we, but only 5 people came. Want to know why? Cause we scheduled this class opposite the […]

Classes and educational opportunities

Don’t you just love the power of many? The power to request and to have that request granted? I know that I do. Last year I approached my local Co-op with an idea to teach a gluten-free baking class. I knew that there were lots of folks in town who had many questions about gluten-free […]