Vegan Vanilla Cookies- Recipe Redux

vegan vanilla cookie

This month’s Recipe Redux started out with an interesting request. Which kitchen gadget is indispensable in our kitchen? There are so many that I use on a daily basis, but the one that gets the most use is a very simple scale. Ever since I made the change from volume measurements to weight based measurements, my […]

Honey Toffee Crispy Rice Ball Recipe for the Holidays

Honey Rice Balls - Ready for the cookie exchage

The image of spheres of sweetness just evoke Christmas time to me. When I was a child, we occasionally made popcorn balls, huge buttery toffee covered spheres of corn, breaking apart into white sticky crumbles on first bite. Our family dogs always loved when we made them since we rarely managed to eat them without […]

Almond Cookies- Oh why oh why isn’t almond paste GF?

I wanted to follow this recipe from King Arthur’s catalog for cookies.One problem though, I couldn’t find almond paste without gluten. Has anyone found a gluten-free one? So, being undeterred, I proceeded to change the recipe and created a crisp little tasty. Original Recipe10 ounces of almond paste1 cup of sugar2 large egg whites1/4 tsp […]