Pumpkin Pie from scratch

Fresh Pumpkin Pie

Having a food based holiday happening so close to a candy based holiday alway seemed like serendipity to me. After all, haven’t we all wondered what to do with those lovely pumpkins post Halloween? This year we ended up with a few spares after the carving party . What to do with them?  Pumpkin PIE […]

Creamed Baby Red Onions

Creamed Red Pearl Onions

Thanksgiving to me is like a very long chorus of TRADITION from Fiddler on the Roof. Each person’s beliefs about the foods needs to be considered. Each person must feel welcomed. Our little family’s  is an mish-mash of traditions from Ireland, German Dutch, Native American, tossed gently with years in the food industry for seasonings. […]

Jammers, we’re Jammin…. Gluten-Free Ratio Rally does Biscuits

Bitter Orange Marmelade Jammer Biscuit Gluten Free

  Why are we jamming? it’s time for the Gluten-Free Ratio Rally once more, and this month we are all working on biscuits. Since this Jersey girl hails from way north of the Mason-Dixon line, I just don’t have a family tradition of biscuits. The only ones I remember as a child came from a […]

Easy Dark Chocolate Truffles

Sometimes I crave chocolate. Dark soft Chocolate with just a bit of sweetness, vanilla scented, made simply from great ingredients. . 250 Grams of Dark Chocolate (I used Trader Joes 72% Belgium dark)- cut into squares 150 grams organic heavy cream 40 grams organic unsalted butter 3 grams vanilla extract 200 g powdered sugar (optional) […]

What to do on a flood day? Make Pudding!

Bellingham has been in the news lately. Not necessarily as a wonderful green city that is thriving in this economy but as a community under water. Check out this video to see how Sudden Valley has been this week. While we are dealing with so much water, I have neglected this blog. Luckily our home […]