Apple Butter Mini Donuts with Maple Toffee Glaze

Apple Butter Maple Mini Donuts- Gluten Free, Sugar Free

Apple Butter #glutenfree #dairyfree Mini donuts with maple toffee glaze. Recipe on site tomorrow #octoberunprocessed #freshbloggers

Since not everyone has access to Medscape:

Villi under an electron microscope  © 2011 S. Schuller, Wellcome Images, used under Creative Commons license.

Antibiotic Exposure and the Development of Coeliac Disease Background The intestinal microbiota has been proposed to play a pathogenic role in coeliac disease (CD). Although antibiotics are common environmental factors with a profound impact on intestinal microbiota, data on antibiotic use as a risk factor for subsequent CD development are scarce. Methods In this population-based […]

Nice to see the FDA get the definition set, now to see about cross contamination…

FDA Gluten-Free Labeling Infographic

Nice to see the FDA get the definition set, now to see about cross contamination  and shared facilities F.D.A. Sets a Standard on Labeling ‘Gluten Free’ Health officials said the step would help the three million Americans with celiac disease and bring uniformity to the $4 billion market for gluten-free foods.   Are advisory statements, […]

Saying goodbye to George

Our adventure in urban farming continues. This week we had to do one of those awkward things farmers do when they discover a spare rooster in the coop. Saying goodbye to our chicken George, the golden Wyandotte Well, actually I bailed out and did the completely urban hippie farmer thing. I posted a free rooster […]

My husband was so excited to find this grill basket- Now it’s time to make Smoked Almonds

Smoked Almonds recipe

  Applewood smoked almonds are one of my husband’s favorite snack foods. Anything cooked over fire is guaranteed to make him happy. Maybe it is that caveman instinct to preserve the kill. Perhaps its just that smoking a piece of meat means he gets to putter around a fire for hours and hours. No matter, […]