Since not everyone has access to Medscape:

Villi under an electron microscope  © 2011 S. Schuller, Wellcome Images, used under Creative Commons license.

Antibiotic Exposure and the Development of Coeliac Disease Background The intestinal microbiota has been proposed to play a pathogenic role in coeliac disease (CD). Although antibiotics are common environmental factors with a profound impact on intestinal microbiota, data on antibiotic use as a risk factor for subsequent CD development are scarce. Methods In this population-based…

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Saying goodbye to George

Our adventure in urban farming continues. This week we had to do one of those awkward things farmers do when they discover a spare rooster in the coop. Saying goodbye to our chicken George, the golden Wyandotte Well, actually I bailed out and did the completely urban hippie farmer thing. I posted a free rooster…

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