Gluten-Free Blue Ribbon Brownies Recipe

Blue Ribbon Brownies with Pecans

When our family went gluten-free, the girls were only 7. Young enough to be fed whatever was at hand, be it naturally gluten-free or a substitute product without much  conflict. Some of the substitution products were good, things that truly resembled the former gluten-full option. Others…not so much. Over time, I developed more and more…

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Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie with Thyme- Gluten-Free

Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie with Thyme- Gluten-Free from the GFDoctor

Pie, Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes. That is my personal trinity of comfort food, and this pie is made even better by including the cheese pie crust, gluten-free to contrast the thyme scented apples. Cheese Pie Crust Recipe Gluten Free This month I’ll be posting a recipe each day or two that are essential to my…

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Cinnamon Apple Fritters- Gluten-Free Ratio Rally

2 Krispy Kreme donuts, all beef pattie, pickles, onion and tomato with just the donuts weighing in at 200 calories a piece

Michale Pollan in Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual says  you can eat anything, as long as you make it. There is no junk food. Which is a wonderful philosophy in my mind, because it makes all foods available to you as long as you’re willing to do the work. Such a simple idea, but profound…

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Birthday Cake-Gluten-Free of course!

Best Birthday cake ever!- now gluten free

Birthday cakes always have stories. Stories of happy times, shared with friends and family. Stories of successes as a new baker makes a delicious cake for a loved one. Stories of failures that become part of family lore for years to come. Stories of sadness when a medical diagnosis means you can’t have the recipe…

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