Party Allium White Bean Herb Dip

Party Allium white bean herb dip- Patriots version

Gathering multitudes of alliums- onions, chives, and scallions to gently flavor this herbalicious dip. I chose to avoid the strongest of the family, garlic. Who wants to share a strong sulfury dip at a Superbowl party?   Creamy, flavorful but low fat, pale beautiful green, this combination of Alliums and White bean dip is perfect…

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Roasted Green Chili Chicken Shooters

Roasted Green Chili Chicken Salad Shooter

Superbowl time! Gathering together with friends supporting our favorite teams.   Making sure to wear the proper colors, keeping our seats to ward off superstition.  Even folks like me who don’t follow the sport of football ususally want to enjoy the fun, camraderie and the food. For us gluten-free folks that can mean lots of…

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Raspberry Cheese Danish Recipe-GlutenFree

Gluten Free Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish

Growing up in Northern New Jersey our local baker, Mr. Langer, created the most amazing pastries in his brick oven.  From crumbcake and water rolls to Danish and Kuchen, he crossed all geographic borders to bring the best recipes to our small town.  From near and far, people would come to satisfy their desire for…

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