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IFBC- International Food Bloggers Conference Recap

The muses have awoken me and I am compelled to respond. My legs are still twitching from all the walking yesterday but movement now is essential. My back creaks a protest, the vertebrae refusing to aline without pain. My shoulders seem permanently hunched from typing so much this weekend. The muses call me. I am […]

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Chebe Mixes

Chebe Amazon.com Widgets Chebe mixes were one of the first group buys our ROCK Group put together once we began to hold our support meetings. One of our members RAVED about how similar Chebe mixes are to our local Papa Murphy pizzas. I find it a deliciously easy mix to prepare and simple to use […]

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Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers Amazon.com Widgets I love Mary’s Gone Crackers. I have loved them since the first time I saw them in the Bellingham Co-op. These lovely little crackers are one of the best snack foods ever. Thin, crispy, lightly seasoned and salted, Full of wonderful organic grains and seeds, what’s not to love? Now […]

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Cream Hill Estates

Cream Hill Estates My mom always said that if something was made with oats it had to be healthy. Sometimes that was the rationale for cookies for breakfast, occasionally it explained the box that lived in the car. Most of the time, it was simply the acknowledgment by my registered nurse mother that oats are […]

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Kozy Shack Puddings

Kozy Shack puddings are all gluten-free. Yippee! For all those soon-to-be packed lunch boxes, these puddings are a simple and tasty dessert that provides a healthy amount of calcium. They come in such wonderful kid friendly flavors too. Chocolate, vanilla, rice and tapioca are all here. They even have a soy based line now! I […]

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Blue Diamond Snack Crackers

Amazon.com Widgets

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