Kozy Shack Puddings

Kozy Shack puddings are all gluten-free. Yippee!
For all those soon-to-be packed lunch boxes, these puddings are a simple and tasty dessert that provides a healthy amount of calcium.
They come in such wonderful kid friendly flavors too. Chocolate, vanilla, rice and tapioca are all here. They even have a soy based line now! I hope that the markets in Bellingham carry these soon.

Once again, I am astounded by the generosity this company.
Last year I explained that for the gluten-free kids attending the Kid’s Fest, there really wasn’t an available dessert.
Kozy Shack sent Cases of product, by next day air, to make sure that there were treats.
This year was the same.
I am so glad that all the vendors are so generous.

Specialty Cheese Company

Just the Cheese

These tasty little snacks were a big hit at the Kid’s Fest, one of the few snack items that were low in carbohydrates.
Somehow,Specialty Cheese has managed to create a baked cheese snack that has one main ingredient, Cheese.
Personally, I found them to be a bit salty, but I use very little salt in my cooking. The crowds of kids, young and old, loved them.
These would be an ideal food for an emergency kit too since it has a good amount of protein and is packaged quite nicely in an airtight little zip-off treat bag.

I haven’t seen these in Bellingham for sale yet but Amazon carries them.

Bellingham Kids Fest Recap

Once again, the Kid’s Fest has come and gone.
Once again, the gluten-free suppliers were incredibly generous.
Each year I send out dozen of requests to the gluten-free manufacturers of the USA and Canada. I ask for donations of food in order keep the children of Bellingham that need to follow a gluten-free diet safe while they have fun.

See, Bellingham Parks and Recreation hosts this amazing free event each year in one of our local parks.
They get together lots of service organizations, not-for-profits, camps, schools and such for a day of music, fun and food.
They arrange for free food as well.
Of course, it is pizza and sandwiches. So for kids that are food intolerant-gluten free, casein free, nut free etc. there is very little to eat.

So last year I started to ask for support of a booth for those children.

What an outpouring! I got cases of foods from a variety of manufacturers.
This year I started a bit earlier and used the wonderful search engine at Amazon to help me find new vendors and some of our old favorites.

In order to properly thank each vendor, I made the promise to review the foods here.
I will be posting a new item/vendor each day till I thank all of them. It might take most of a month! With each new food, I will tell you my impression as well as the like/dislike of a food expressed by my totally gluten free family and my non gluten free receptionist.
That way you can see if you would like to get some of these amazing foods.
Please support these wonderful vendors who were so generous.