Kozy Shack Puddings

Kozy Shack puddings are all gluten-free. Yippee! For all those soon-to-be packed lunch boxes, these puddings are a simple and tasty dessert that provides a healthy amount of calcium. They come in such wonderful kid friendly flavors too. Chocolate, vanilla, rice and tapioca are all here. They even have a soy based line now! I […]

Specialty Cheese Company

Just the Cheese These tasty little snacks were a big hit at the Kid’s Fest, one of the few snack items that were low in carbohydrates. Somehow,Specialty Cheese has managed to create a baked cheese snack that has one main ingredient, Cheese. Personally, I found them to be a bit salty, but I use very […]

Bellingham Kids Fest Recap

Once again, the Kid’s Fest has come and gone. Once again, the gluten-free suppliers were incredibly generous. Each year I send out dozen of requests to the gluten-free manufacturers of the USA and Canada. I ask for donations of food in order keep the children of Bellingham that need to follow a gluten-free diet safe […]