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Glee Gum

Glee Gum Amazon.com Widgets I have to admit that I don’t frequently chew gum. My mother instilled in me a preference for mints that lasts to this day. My daughters, on the other hand, would happily chew gum daily if I let them. Finally, I have found a gum that I really wouldn’t mind them […]

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Chebe Mixes

Chebe Amazon.com Widgets Chebe mixes were one of the first group buys our ROCK Group put together once we began to hold our support meetings. One of our members RAVED about how similar Chebe mixes are to our local Papa Murphy pizzas. I find it a deliciously easy mix to prepare and simple to use […]

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Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers Amazon.com Widgets I love Mary’s Gone Crackers. I have loved them since the first time I saw them in the Bellingham Co-op. These lovely little crackers are one of the best snack foods ever. Thin, crispy, lightly seasoned and salted, Full of wonderful organic grains and seeds, what’s not to love? Now […]

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Cream Hill Estates

Cream Hill Estates My mom always said that if something was made with oats it had to be healthy. Sometimes that was the rationale for cookies for breakfast, occasionally it explained the box that lived in the car. Most of the time, it was simply the acknowledgment by my registered nurse mother that oats are […]

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Wow! The time really flies when the kiddos are out of school! I just realized that,once again, summertime cooking classes are upon me! Next week is my adult picnic class for Whatcom Community College. The Picnic Basket: Light, Luscious and Gluten-Free! The warm days of summer are just around the corner, and that means packing […]

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ROCK-Raising our Celiac Kids Support Group

Our Group is six months old this meeting! Join us to celebrate and have some gluten free chocolate cake. I’ve recieved donations of mixes from Sylvan Farms, Cherrybrook Kitchens, and Kinnickkinnick foods and look forward to a taste test. Gluten-Free Support Group Meeting Saturday June 16th 1-3pm Community Food Co-op Connections Building1220 N. Forest St […]

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Classes and educational opportunities

Don’t you just love the power of many? The power to request and to have that request granted? I know that I do. Last year I approached my local Co-op with an idea to teach a gluten-free baking class. I knew that there were lots of folks in town who had many questions about gluten-free […]

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Kids in the Kitchen

On weekends we love to cook as a family since we have a little more time. Our daughters are just loving being Gluten Free since it means that we cook a lot more often than before. It isn’t as simple to feed our family as before, we are creating new recipes each time we cook. […]

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Birthday Party Cupcakes- Spice Cake Gluten-Free, Casien-Free

  What to do when there is a birthday party at school complete with cupcakes? That has to be one of the classic problems of having a gluten free child. As a mom, you wish that the cupcakes just weren’t allowed. But the kid in you remembers how exciting it was to have a sweet […]

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ROCK Group- Bellingham/Whatcom county

One of the things I do as a professional and a mom is to help others.Somehow service is a big part of my personality. Probably lots of reasons why but the one I think of most is the example set by my parents. I remember lots of evenings when Dad was out running a boy […]

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