Creamed Baby Red Onions

Organic Creamed Red Onions-GlutenFree

Thanksgiving to me is like a very long chorus of TRADITION from Fiddler on the Roof. Each person’s beliefs about the foods needs to be considered. Each person must feel welcomed. Our little family’s  is an mish-mash of traditions from Ireland, German, Dutch, Native American, tossed gently with years in the food industry for seasonings. […]

Sudden Death Dinner- Soft Polenta

Slam of the car door, the whoosh as the child collapses into the seat. Famished, ready to eat the cat if it stands still long enough.              Or maybe even if it doesn’t. Sudden Death time.  Food better be on the table quickly. Haven’t we all had days like this?  When your body is so in […]

Snow Day! Slow cooker Gluten-free Beef Stew Recipe

slow cooker beef stew - gluten-free

So much snow for a small community, so much to be overwhelmed with by Mother Nature, inches gracefully drifting from the sky, adding up to feet of fluffy coldness. Shutting down traffic, closing schools, and giving us all a chance to stay home and cook instead of being overwhelmed, but with grass-fed Beef Stew in the […]