I want my food to rot

When I used the phrase food like substance to describe Domino’s pizza in my last post, I got a bit of pushback. How dare I say that Domino’s wasn’t food. It was made with a real crust, real cheese, tomatoes, wasn’t it? If that isn’t real food what is? Looking closer at the list of […]

Pizza- Gluten Free Ratio Rally

Look at that rise and puffy crunchy edge

When I diagnose a patient with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, one of the first foods mourned is pizza. Mourned with a passion and a fury by the teens, with wistfulness and longing by the adults. Crunchy crusts, smeared with thick tomato sauce, dripping with cheese, accented by olives or pepperoni. This is one of […]

Chebe Mixes

Chebe Amazon.com WidgetsChebe mixes were one of the first group buys our ROCK Group put together once we began to hold our support meetings. One of our members RAVED about how similar Chebe mixes are to our local Papa Murphy pizzas. I find it a deliciously easy mix to prepare and simple to use for […]