Bellingham Gluten Intolerance Group Annual Community Awareness event

Once a year the Bellingham Washington Gluten Intolerance Group hosts a Community Awareness Event.

This year we have quite the line up of events to entertain and inform. Spread over THREE days, Kelle Rankin-Sunter and her crew of volunteers are hosting some amazing people.

Best of All is that this is a FREE event to the attendees.
So come and see the amazing line up of speakers, taste the equally amazing samples and ask the questions that have been percolating in your mind.

If you are a Gluten-Free vendor and would like to host a table, feel free to contact me to arrange the details.

The Bellingham Gluten Intolerance Group is pleased to be able to offer to the general public

FREE of charge this annual event which features speaker/cooking demonstrations,

gluten free products/manufacturers samples, local restaurants GF samples,

gluten free book sale, silent auction, donors’ drawing, a panel discussion,

children’s GF meeting area (R.O.C.K. – Raising Our Celiac Kids),

a “Ask the Nutritionist” and “Ask the Naturopathic Physician” reference tables

and many other exciting and educational opportunities regarding

a gluten free lifestyle. Please Join Us !


Oct. 30 thru Nov. 1, 2008 at St. Luke’s Health Education Center

Bellingham, WA

Thurs., Oct. 30 – 6:30 to 8:30 PM – St. Lukes HEC – Meeting Room A

Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN – “How Gluten Affects the Brain”

to read more about Dr. O’Bryan, click here to visit his website

Friday, Oct. 31 – 9 AM to 4:30 PM, St. Luke’s HEC – Meeting Room C

9:30 AM – Gluten 101 – Kelle A. Rankin-Sunter, BGIG Team Support Leader

11 AM – Making the Chef Your Ally – Chef Sean, Trumpeter Public House in Mt. Vernon

1 PM – Cruising Gluten Free – Heino Sunter, experienced “cruiser”, GF advocate

2:30 PM – Developing a GF Emergency/Travel Kit – Mary Jensen, educator/gluten free traveller

SATURDAY, November 1, 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM – St. Lukes HEC

11 AM – Speaker – Shauna Ahern and “Chef” – Cooking Demonstration

Shauna is The Gluten Free Girl , awarded “Best New Blog of 2006″ as well as Amazon Books

2007 Best New Cookbook for 2007. Her entertaining style will surely entertain as well as

educate while she and Chef demonstrate a gluten free cooking technique. Chef Dan’s creations

can be found at The Impromptu Wine Bar Cafe in Seattle.

10:30 – 11 AM (closed during speaker presentation) then 12 Noon to 3:30 PM – Food Sampling – Representatives from Local Restaurants, Meal Preparation Companies, GF Manufacturers, all will be set up to offer samples of their GF products and answer questions. There will also be a “static samples” area.

Ongoing – Ask a “Health Question” – Tom Maltere, Certified Nutritionist and

Dr. Jean Layton, Naturopathic Physician will be on hand in our “health room” along with BGIG

members to help answer your questions on health and the gluten free diet.

Ongoing – R.O.C.K. Meeting Room – Raising Our Celiac Kids- Bring the kids along to meet others their own age who are learning how to live gluten free. Specific to kids, GF food samples will be available as well as GF kids activities. A great place to find our more about our local ROCK group.

1:30 PM – Panel Discussion – Members from our BGIG Board and a special guest or two will be ready to answer your questions in a open forum a great place to get answers – even if you didn’t think of the question !

On-Going – Silent Auction, GF Book Sale, Donors’ Drawing, BGIG Reference Table

Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill

What can I say about Bob’s Red Mill? I think you all might have read my prior posts about their Wheat-Free Mighty Tasty cereal. You know, the one I made into terrific muffins for breakfast.

Or maybe you too have discovered their Homemade Wonderful Bread mix.
I LOVE this mix.
For the Kid’s fest, Bob’s was very generous and sent their chocolate chip cookie mix, cornbread mix, pizza crust mix and bread mix.

I ended up cooking a lot the day before the Kid’s Fest, but it was worth it.
When I see a gluten-free child (or adult) enjoying the first breadstick or corn muffin since they went gluten-free, it just brings a song to my heart.

How did I make breadsticks you ask?
Simple, just mix up the pizza crust recipe as per the instructions.
Then put the dough into a large ziploc bag. Cut one corner off of the bag about 3/4 of an inch away from the point.

Using the bag like a piping bag, pipe the dough out into long stripes on a cookie sheet dusted with sesame seeds or coarse salt and rosemary. Scatter more seeds or salt on top.

Then just let them rise and bake per instructions till golden brown.

Voila, breadsticks!

Cream Hill Estates

Cream Hill Estates
My mom always said that if something was made with oats it had to be healthy.
Sometimes that was the rationale for cookies for breakfast, occasionally it explained the box that lived in the car.
Most of the time, it was simply the acknowledgment by my registered nurse mother that oats are really good for you.
Of course, that was before we realized that oats are sometimes a source of cross contamination by wheat.

Before we had to be vigilant about those tiny exposures,

before we were gluten intolerant.

Now we can enjoy the healthy properties of oats yet again.
Cream Hill Estates was another generous donor to the ROCK group booth at the Kid’s Fest.
We made some incredible cookies from their donation of bulk oats.
I used the Gluten-Free Girl’s Oatmeal cookie recipe with a couple of tweaks.

Since i know how many children are following a GF and Casien free lifestyle, I substituted Earth Balance shortening instead of the butter and added 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. And since I am a naturopath, I reduced the sugars to 3/4 cup each. I have a real problem with cookies that have a tremendous amount of sugar in them.
All these changes helped with the delicacy of the cookies. They held up very well in transport to the Kid’s fest.

Can any of us just use a recipe? I realize that I want to explore this topic in the future. Seems to me that we all want to change at least one little thing about most recipes in order to make it our own.

Classes to come

I have several classes to come in the future and would love for all of you to attend if you have the time/energy.
I LOVE to teach!

So in order of timing:
Our First for Whatcom Community College!

A Harvest of Gluten Free Desserts
Have you recently discovered that you or someone you know is gluten-intolerant? If so, this class is designed for you with the upcoming holidays in mind when we all enjoy sharing luscious goodies with friends and family. Dr. Jean Layton will unveil three stunning recipes–all are elegant and tasty, use seasonal fresh products, can be prepared ahead, and, best of all, no one will ever guess they are gluten-free! You will sample a divine Molten Lava Cake, a Fall Harvest Fruit Tart with almond paste, and a yummy Pumpkin Cheesecake with glazed pecan topping. Dr. Layton will be joined by Kelle Rankin-Sunter, support leader for Bellingham Gluten Intolerance Group, to answer questions and give tips and tricks to cooking and living with gluten-intolerance. You will leave with a wealth of information and the confidence to serve stunning gluten-free desserts for your friends and family during the holiday season ahead. Class is held at Sehome High School.
F8053 / 1 session
M from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
$35 Start Date:10/22
End Date: 10/22
Sehome High School A-9

And at the Community Food Coop
Gluten-Free Baking: The Dark Flours
with Jean McFadden Layton, ND
Tuesday, November 13, 6:30-9 pm
$24 members, $28 non-members
Are all the gluten-free baking recipes you find based on white flours-Tapioca, Potato, White rice, Arrowroot? Are you concerned that these are lacking in nutrition and flavor? Come over to the dark side! Together we’ll explore the world of darker flours and flavors. We’ll create wonderful Teff Baking Powder Biscuits, Toasted Buckwheat Onion Crackers and Apricot Quinoa Bran Muffins. Dr. Layton is a naturopathic physician, former chef, and facilitator of the ROCK (Raising Our Celiac/Gluten-Free Kids) support group. Come prepared to ask all those pesky gluten-free baking questions. All recipes can be made dairy-free as well, if desired.

Gluten-Free Holiday Treats
with Jean McFadden Layton, ND
Tuesday, November 27, 6:30-9 pm
$24 members, $28non-members
Holiday baking is one of the most special gifts you can give a loved one. But how do you bake special treats for a gluten-free friend or family member? Dr. Jean McFadden Layton, naturopathic physician and former chef will lead the group through the conversion of classic recipes to gluten-free. We will create Tangy Lime Bars with a Shortbread Crust, Rugelach (a pastry made with cream cheese dough, and filled with dried fruit, preserves, nuts, etc.) and Butterscotch Brownies–just in time for the annual Bellingham Gluten Intolerance Group cookie swap! If you have a special recipe from your family, feel free to bring it and Dr. Jean will help you convert it to gluten-free.This class is gluten-free but not dairy-free.

ROCK Group meeting

Our next ROCK-Raising our Celiac Kids meeting will be this Saturday August 18th at the Coop Connections building on North Forest St. from 1-3
Hope you can make it!

I love this blogging world. I just got a call yesterday from Yvonne at Glutenfreeda.
She is sending cookie dough for us to test at our meeting!
They are running a buy one and get one free promotion of their pre-made frozen cookie dough.

I think we will be able to bake off samples of all 4 flavors and get to take home a container as well! One of the flavors is even Casein free as well.

I love how generous the manufacturers are for all of us.
This should make the back to school rush just a bit easier for us.

Check out the rest of their website as well, they have loads of gluten-free information as well

Bellingham Kid’s Fest Saturday August 4th

Bellingham is a wonderful place to raise kids. There are an abundance of activities for all interests and ages.
Saturday 8/4 from 11-3pm is one of those events. The Bellingham Parks and Recreation department creates a wonderful free event each year on the shores of Lake Whatcom at Bloedel- Donovan Park.
There are musical performances, face painting, prizes and entertainment.

Last year I went with my daughters and had a wonderful time with one exception.
The Food was all gluten FULL!

I think we managed to get water but that was the only thing that wasn’t full of gluten.

So this year I decided to participate instead of attending.
My clinic is named Layton Health Clinic

If you have had any questions about Naturopathic medicine or Traditional Oriental medicine, my husband and I will be there to answer those.

But best of all, I contacted lots of gluten free vendors to see if they would have samples to give out of their foods.
What a response!
Mary’s Gone Crackers sent cases of samples in two of their flavors.

Enjoy Life sent snickerdoodle cookies

Glutino sent two cases of Pretzel sticks. I never knew that Pretzels in French are called Bretzels. Lots of fun.

Blue Diamond sent cases of Cheddar cheese rice thins.

Kinnikinnick sent an assortment of sliced breads, pizza crusts, cookies and donuts! If you haven’t tried thier cinnamon sugar donuts, come early! I think these will go quickly! I may make some peanut butter sandwiches on the bread just so there is a bit of lunch for us Gluten-Free folks.

Ener-G foods sent along their chocolate chip cookie bars and lots of pretzel samples.

Orgran sent along Chocolate Outback Animals. I love their Koalas.

Bob’s Red Mill delivered boxes of their incredible hot cereal mix. I love this cause it has sorghum in it and reminds me of Wheatina without the wheat. I even created a muffin using this as the prime ingredient. The recipe is on my office computer and I will add it to the post soon.

Bumble Bar was incredibly generous and sent two cases! of their wonderful organic seed rich treats.

And Kozy Shack just had delivered 5 cases of puddings!


Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing lots of you on Saturday!