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Thanksgiving shopping list

This weekend is my prep time for Thanksgiving, giving me a chance to get lots of my work done before I cook more on Thursday. And this Thanksgiving shopping list is the way I manage to shop without pulling my hair out. I need to get as much done this weekend because I’ll be having […]

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Countdown to the Holidays

The act of a countdown serves to focus and prepare me for the main event. I use it as a reminder of how far I have come toward a goal and as a niggling little nag when I haven’t finished things in time. But to use it most effectively I turned it into a spreadsheet […]

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Omega- Mincemeat Cookies with a Butter Gluten-Free Pie Crust

Omega, the completion. One of my class attendees, Cat Bismuth, asked if I had thought of filming the process of making bread. Yes, I had thought of it.  I love Shauna and Danny’s videos. Learning a new technique is much easier to follow visually. What held me back was simple. Who would come and do that […]

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The angst of a food based holiday is not lost on my life, it just isn’t where my energies are focused right now.For my family, the coming Thanksgiving day is to be a day of well needed leisure and peace, not a marathon of travel and forced camaraderie with folks that we do not want […]

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