Fresh Fruit Cake Recipe for a Hot Birthday-Melon Style

Birthday Fruit Cake-Melon Style

Out of our famiy of four, only my husband gets the joy of a summer time birthday. The rest of us are buried in the cold of December. Our annual birthday ritual is a tradition of long standing, each person gets to pick the cake they want, and the special meal for birthday dinner. Well, […]

Party Allium White Bean Herb Dip

Party Allium white bean herb dip- Patriots version

Gathering multitudes of alliums- onions, chives, and scallions to gently flavor this herbalicious dip. I chose to avoid the strongest of the family, garlic. Who wants to share a strong sulfury dip at a Superbowl party?   Creamy, flavorful but low fat, pale beautiful green, this combination of Alliums and White bean dip is perfect […]