Thanksgiving shopping list

This weekend is my prep time for Thanksgiving, giving me a chance to get lots of my work done before I cook more on Thursday. And this Thanksgiving shopping list is the way I manage to shop without pulling my hair out.

I need to get as much done this weekend because I’ll be having one of my busier weeks in the clinic.

I see a lot of new patients who are typically family members of current patients around any holiday that gather the clans. Since celiac disease is hereditary, once one patient feels better, the rest of the family wants to explore for themselves.

I love what I do. It gladdens my heart to assist  changing from a place of hurting to a journey toward health.

When I work late, or go in early, skip lunchtime, I know it is just for a little while and all will return to normal in a week.

That doesn’t mean that our family won’t be celebrating on Thursday, just means the clinic is open on Friday. :)

So here is my shopping list for this weekend, I hope it helps: (Yup, another spreadsheet, I’m a geek that way)


  1. says

    I never thought of using a spreadsheet for organizing a shopping list for the holidays, or any entertaining, for that matter. Great idea!