Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato with Vegan Mayo

Astonished yet?
Vegan mayonnaise on a BLT!
What in the world am I thinking? Why in the world go to the trouble to create a vegan mayo just to slather it on a meat product?

I’ll get to that but first I have a question.

Can you resist BACON? Especially if it is from a producer that has growers who really care about the animals? One that monitors the health of every animal, harvests humanely and treats the resulting meat with care.

I cannot resist bacon, ever.

Actually, I can’t refuse any well raised meat. As an O blood type, I love to eat animal protein.
My choice is always for the best quality I can find, and that just got a whole lots easier with the opening today of

Carne Bellingham
Bellingham’s Butcher Shop

Carne-Bellingham’s First Freestanding Butcher Shop.
A shop that will do the hard work of vetting the growers and producers of their meat.
They will be selling grass-fed, and grass finished beef, pasture raised chickens and pastured pigs.
I don’t think I’ve been more excited in years.
Walking in to purchase this bacon took me back to Lohmann’s Meat Market in the middle of Demarest.

Missing was the sawdust on the floor, but otherwise so close. The selection is small right now, they are waiting to hear what we want in cuts, and still sourcing for some things. But heck, they only opened today!
I got a great pork butt piece that will make my husband so happy.  Right now it has one of  his favorite rubs wending it’s way into the muscle.
Gathering the other components for my classic sandwich was easy enough;
Organic Lettuce from a patient’s garden
Organic Tomatoes from another patient (got to admit, I love being the doctor receiving vegetables from happy patients).

Rye style bread from Three Bakers. They sent me a sample loaf and I had been waiting for just this moment to enjoy it. This is excellent bread for a sandwich, a bit small in size but mighty in flavor.

Then I went into the pantry for the mayo.
Did my usual celiac twist, spinning the jar around to see the ingredients list, just to see if there was any possibility of exposure to wheat, rye, and barley. I always check, even in my pantry goods.
And realized just how many components of my favorite Hellmann’s/Best Food mayo come from plants or animals that are likely to be Genetically modified.

I’ve been striving to eliminate everything in my pantry that has GMOs. It is taking way longer than I thought to do this, they are insidious.
Anything derived from corn, sugar beets, canola, soy, cottonseed are all likely to be genetically modified.
Corn oil, Canola oil, sugar, all likely.
This site is a great place to keep up with changes in which products are under concern.

I grew up slathering my sandwiches with Hellmann’s. That classic tart, smooth dressing makes the sandwich, serving as seasoning and glue to hold the components onto the bread.

Now how was I going to put something like that onto my humanely raised bacon and organic vegetables?

Had to create a substitute.

Darn if it wasn’t so simple.

Vegan Mayo
Prep time
Total time
Simple ingredients make this spread come together in minutes when you use a food processor. If you have to use a whisk, it will take 2-3 minutes of constant beating.
Recipe type: sauce.
Serves: 8
  • 20 grams (2 packed tablespoons)Pixie Dust- Make it with white chia if you are worried about appearance.
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar
  • ¼ cup +2 tablespoons olive oil or other light oil.
  1. Combine pixie dust, vinegar and ¼ cup of oil in food processor.
  2. Run for 1 minute
  3. Check the texture. I prefer a slightly loose texture with more tartness from the vinegar.
  4. You can add the 2 tablespoons of oil for a softer dressing.


Next time, I’m using solely white chia seeds, to get that beautiful white spread.
Today I’m just happy to have a quality dressing for this amazing bacon.

IF you really need a vegan bacon for your sandwich, check out these wonderful versions made from Coconut.

At the Simple Veganista

Hungry, Hungry Hippie’s version

The Vegan Project version

Or purchase it already made by Phoney Baloneys


  1. says

    awesome link to the nongmo site. thanks for the shout out…your vegan mayo sounds perfectly simple and easy t make!

  2. says

    How you described that butcher shop, well making me drool!

    The only other thing I would recommend with the butcher shop, if you are determined to avoid GMO’s is- to find out how they butcher. The vast majority of certified(by gov) butchers use “citric acid” to rinse all the meat before packaging- and citric acid is now 99 percent GMO corn derived…

    Small private butchers will just rinse with water..

    To think the farmer spends so much loving attention to raising a clean and delicious and safe cow for it to be dipped in a bath of GMO before selling- Sigh!!! :-)

    Just through our D’s corn allergy, we have been horrified to find most commercial foods are tainted one way or another with gmo’s- it is scary!

    So glad Bellingham got a butcher shop- it sounds exactly like the type of place I would expect to find there, and love immediately! :-)

    I have been messing with egg free mayo’s- made one for the fourth, wasn’t very happy with it, so added a bunch of fresh- herbs – much better! I am going to give your recipe a try! :-)

    Olive oil is also commonly corn tainted- very very few are corn free- and of course Apple cider vinegar- the only one absolutely free of gmo corn is Braggs. Some rice vinegars and wine vinegars are free of GMO’s – lots of label reading needed. We use grapeseed oil frequently.