You Donate, I Send, You Bake Gluten-Free Sourdough

When I first heard that Jennie’s husband died, my body reacted.

My breathing stopped,

my stomach clenched

and my mind raced back to a room in Beth Israel hospital in 1990 as the light faded from my husband’s eyes.

and I knew.


I knew I had to help, somehow, to help Jennie get through this next transitional stage of grief.

The one that made my parents buy me the thickest down comforter that they could find, just to keep me from feeling the cold.

The one that made all the routines of life so important, the ones that made each footstep follow the first.

The ones that allowed me to move out of my house, into work and participate with people even though there was a hollow, emptiness inside.

The grief eventually morphs into all those stages that Elizabeth Kubler Ross so eloquently spelled out in On Death and Dying

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance

But that visceral stage can come back in a heartbeat when you hear someone else is in pain.


So I knew I wanted to help.  But I’m clear across the country.  And Jennie and I haven’t met, except, perhaps, at a large convention.

So when Jennie asked for peanut butter pies for Mikey, I made one,  shared about it and held my kids and husband close.

I held an image of peace in my heart for Jennie and her girls.

I watched to see what I else I could do from afar.


Then another tragedy happened, closer to home.

A classmate of our girls, a lovely boy of 12, came home from camp, went to the doctor and discovered he had leukemia.

Rushed to Children’s hospital in Seattle but the disease progressed rapidly.  He was removed from life support less than 2 weeks later.

And my body reacted again.

But this time, I could do what I wanted to do for Jennie in a tangible way.

I could bake and bring food to Liam’s family, attend the funeral with my girls, hand out tissues and hugs and memories with the other mourners.

And realize that I will never hear this song again without thinking of Liam.

Beautiful Boy- John Lennon

I can assist Jennie and her girls with your help, even from the upper left corner of the country.

Bloggers without Borders founded by Maggie Keet of Three Many Cooks, and Erika Pineda-Ghanny of Ivory Hut

is hosting an auction.

This non profit group functions to help channel our collective desires to help into tangible actions.

I am grateful!  They and Shauna have created a place for an auction of items to help create #afundforjennie

My addition to the amazing auction items is simple:

Bread- Gluten-Free sourdough bread

The first 25 people to leave a comment here with their donation amount will receive:

A gluten-free sourdough bread making kitincluding a starter culture packet, flour blend for the loaf and recipes.

With this kit, you will be able to make your own amazing sourdough bread again.

It doesn’t matter how much you give, all I ask is that you give a thoughtful amount.

In this economy, you know better than I what that amount is for you.

Here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment with your donation amount at the bottom of this post.
  • Donate via Bloggers Without Borders’ PayPal Page
  • Send me proof of your donation. (You can either take a screen capture of it or forward the confirmation  email to me at GFSourdough @ Remember to give me your snail mail address.
  • Please don’t “double dip.” If you’ve already donated to the cause thanks to another site, fabulous! I (very) kindly ask that if you’d like the sourdough kit that you make a specific donation inspired by this post.  It just seems fair to do it this way. I’m sure you understand.

That’s it!
And if you want to donate and don’t want a sourdough kit? Click on the image below. It takes you right to the donation page!
From personal experience, it will be years before Jennie and the girls are able to completely understand the financial impact the loss of Mikey will have in their lives.
Please be generous.

Donate to Bloggers Without Borders


Thanks for your patience, all you donors.  The packages left my office today to all the USA addresses.  ENJOY!


Gluten Free sourdough kits waiting for the mailman


  1. Melanie says

    I donated $20. Had already made a seperate donation but can wait to try making this bread! I miss sourdough…mmmmm

  2. Michelle says

    I have donated $36…it is a good luck number in the Jewish Faith…18 is the lucky number and double is the #36…my heart goes out for Jennie and her family…my thoughts have been with her since I heard.

  3. Deanna says

    Jennie’s story hit me hard and I’ve never met her…but it’s amazed me at how this food blogging community has come together. I’m donating $25…not just for the sourdough gf bread recipe but because it’s the right thing to do and every little bit will help.

  4. Sfnursern says

    My husband and I are in for $50! I wish it could be more! I have read about this tragedy on Gluten-free Girl’s blog and have been meaning to donate. I am not sure if we are the first 25 people, but either way it is a great cause.

  5. Allison says

    Hi! What a great thing is being done for Jennie. What a tragic situation! I’ve seen all the posts and really wanted to be able to participate in some way. When I saw the sourdough starter you were offering I knew this was it. I have so missed having sourdough! Thanks for your donation. I donated $50 and I hope it helps!

  6. Gisele Hardock says

    I am hoping that you will ship to Canada.  I would really love a sourdough kit, and am so glad to see a fundraiser for Jennie that is within my budget.  I will donate $25.

    • Gisele Hardock says

      I sent my donation receipt your way.  Thank you so much for your generosity with so many kits – I can’t imagine how much work it will be for you to put these together and mail them out, not to mention the expense.  It has been so heart-warming to see the community rally around someone in need.

  7. Debra Mc says

    I have kept Jennie in my prayers since we heard the news. We lost a close friend in June, at 32 due to a heart attack. Supporting her grieving husband has been emotional, but necessary. That’s what communities do. I am proud to donate $25. I wish we could do more, but we have been hit hard.

    Thanks for doing this!

  8. Jennifer H. says

    I wish I could donate more, but I can donate $25 right now.  I’ve been known to forget things like this when I’m not well-connected to the person, but if I remember (or it’s brought to my attention) later, I will gladly donate more.

  9. Laura says

    I am new to the gluten free world. I was diagnosed with Celiac last week. As you can imagine, I’m a tad broke right now but i would love to donate $10 to help out. Thanks!

  10. Diana says

    I would like to donate $50 to this cause. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of this family.

  11. Lisa Torres says

    I am dontaing $25.00 Sorry I cant do more right now. I am sooo sorry for their loss and will be praying for all who are involved and the boys family too :(  Its awsome what you are all doing…. :)

  12. Sher_bo says

    I can’t help much, but will send $40.00 .  My mom grew up without a father.  Indirectly, I’ve seen the pain it causes.

  13. Terise says

    I lost my father too young, not as young as Jennie’s kids, but he was only 53.  Thank you for sharing your story and your talents.  I will be making a donation.  Wish it could be more…

  14. Notsandy2002 says

    Thank you for your offer, and it feels nice to have the oppourtunity to help others. I have donated $10.

  15. Heather says

    I don’t know Jennie, but I know what it’s like to lose your Dad when you are growing up.  My heart breaks for Jennie and her children.  I know $50 is not much, but it comes with the hope that one day the sun will shine and their hearts will be filled with happiness and joy again.  

  16. Heather says

    I don’t know Jennie, but I know what it’s like to lose your Dad when you are growing up.  My heart breaks for Jennie and her children.  I know $50 is not much, but it comes with the hope that one day the sun will shine and their hearts will be filled with happiness and joy again.  

    • says

      Hi Heather,
      Thank you so much for this donation.
      if everyone who reads this and all the other posts from all the offers could donate $50, then Jennie would be able to not worry quite so much about the practical necessities of life and just focus on the emotional ones.  Here’s to getting this fund built to that point.